2017 season

Aug 17th

Sorry for the technical difficulties today. We were hiking sleeping bear when I found out that the website's IP has been switched. Bill sent me a selfie with the sun out. I hope you made it to golf and more importantly enjoyed yourself. 

If you have scorecards, send them my way via pictures. or transcribed.

Second half dues

Please pay the balance shown on your account by July 1st.

1st Half results.

Congratulations to this season's winners -

1st flight - Bill Berlin and Derrick Darling

1st and 2nd team relied on one sub each but in the end, Mike Sepanik (Sr) helped the winning team overcome a 16 point deficit by matching Bill's net 35.

2nd flight - Rod Raetzke and Paul Vercammen

Beat team Rougeau - Rafalski who depended on sub Mike O'Hare - Andre played well but Harry's sub didn't have his best game.

3rd flight - Marc Clark and Brian Madison -

Increased their lead even more by matching the highest points earned (54) proving that it's not just the new team advantage that placed them on top.

Flight position

In the end, only two teams traded places - see the roster page for details.