2018 Season

2nd Half Results.

And.... the winners are:

1st flight - Jim Howell and Greg Buggs

2nd flight - Rod Raetzke and Harry Rafalski

3rd flight - Mike Sepanik and Dave Clendennin

1st Half Results.

And.... the winners are:

1st flight - Bill Berlin and Derrick Darling

2nd flight - Frank O'Neill and Paul Harris

3rd flight - Andy Thomas and Scott Bijlani

2017 season

2nd Half results.

Finally posting the results of the second half:

1st flight - Jason Szczublewski and Scott Reif

2nd flight - Harry Rafalski and Andre Rougeau

3rd flight - Mark Clark and Brian Madison

1st Half results.

Congratulations to this season's winners -

1st flight - Bill Berlin and Derrick Darling

1st and 2nd team relied on one sub each but in the end, Mike Sepanik (Sr) helped the winning team overcome a 16 point deficit by matching Bill's net 35.

2nd flight - Rod Raetzke and Paul Vercammen

Beat team Rougeau - Rafalski who depended on sub Mike O'Hare - Andre played well but Harry's sub didn't have his best game.

3rd flight - Marc Clark and Brian Madison -

Increased their lead even more by matching the highest points earned (54) proving that it's not just the new team advantage that placed them on top.

End of Year Outing

Saturday Sept 8th @ 8:00 AM. at Pine Valley

Please plan on arriving at least 30 minutes early to register and warm up.  Information about Pine Valley can be found here

All the participants were divided into 4 groups A, B, C and D based on their usga index (best 10 out of 20 scores) adjusted to 18 hole course hdcp based on the rating and slope of the tee you're teeing off from

I think I was able to put together some very strong teams this year with the exception of the two that chose their own pairings.. I assigned the rest of the field trying to even up the teams total handicap based on the formula recommended by the USGA here

Pairings are listed below. You'll receive the hole you'll start on at the course.  If you end up in a three person team, one player may take an extra shot on a rotating basis, no strategizing.


Wishing for a nice day.